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Bill 13-35 and 157-35 Signed Into Law

For Immediate Release

November 26, 2019

Senator Amanda Shelton issues the following statement on the signing of Bill 13-35 and 157-35 into law:

"Both of these bills are about protecting victims and survivors.

Bill 13-35, now Public Law 35-50, protects our manåmko' and individuals with disabilities from financial exploitation, which is on the rise on Guam. Care for the manåmko' is engrained in our culture and everyone deserves a life of dignity and respect. If you or someone you know may be the victim of elder financial exploitation you can call Adult Protective Services at 735-7382. There is support available for caretakers as well.

Bill 157-35, now Public Law 35-51 empowers survivors of sexual assault by closing loopholes in the sex offender registry. I especially want to thank the survivors of sexual assault who were brave enough to bring this loophole to my attention so we could fix it together. Studies show registration of sex offenders reduces rapes. The survivors who had the courage to turn their trauma into advocacy for a better community are real heroes."