• Embracing Our Island Values to Build a Better Future for Guam

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    Protecting Our Manamko'

    • Increased the Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) from $2,000 to $2,200 for the FY2023. Introduced Bill 257-36 to increase the COLA payments by 10% which will be followed by smaller incremental increases over a four (4) year period.  
    • Established the Elder Justice Center through Public Law 36-19 to provide legal services to our seniors.
    • Empaneled the Senior Citizen Housing Task Force to assess senior housing availability and needs. 
    • Authored Bill 220-36 (LS) to pay War Claims to the Greatest Generation of Guam for the atrocities suffered during the World War II Occupation of Guam.
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    Building Our Businesses

    • Authored Public Law 36-84, the Local Employers’ Assistance Program (LEAP) Act to provide aid for businesses on
      Guam, including employment impacted by the CoVID-19 pandemic.
    • Authored Public Law 36-26, the Support Women-Owned Businesses Act, to adopt a government procurement policy in favor of businesses led by Women.




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    Lifting Our Community

    • Authored Public Law 36-84, the Securing and Ensuring the Rights Veterans Earned (SERVE) Act to increase the Guam Veterans Affairs Office the resources and expand services for veterans.
    • Authored Public Law 36-64, the Opioid Preventions and Treatment Act  to effectively prevent and reduce opioid abuse, reduce overdose deaths, and mitigate the problems arising as a result of the opioid epidemic on island.
    • Improving Accessibility for the individuals with disabilities by removing the expiration date on permanent removable windshield placards and extending the period of time for physician certification of temporary removable windshield placards.
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    Preparing Our Youth

    • Championed Period Poverty Act through Public Law 97-36 on behalf of the Guam Youth Congress relative to providing menstrual products in all publicly funded schools.
    • Provided Scholarship Opportunities by increasing funding of $500,000 to the University of Guam for student scholarship.
    • Provided $1 million to the Guam Community College Apprenticeship Program to train 250 people to meet changing workforce demands, through Public Law 35-99.
    • Reinstated and funded the Summer Youth Employment Program to employ hundreds of youth to explore their passion for public service, through Public Laws 35-36 and 35-99.
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    Providing for Families

    • Authored Public Law 35-94 Ayuda i Mangafa Help for Families Program to provide financial assistance to families in response to COVID-19. 
    • Authored Bill 139-35 to provide health care insurance coverage to foster children. 
    • Provided funding for job coaches for individuals with disabilities through Public Laws 35-36 and 35-99.
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    Preserving Our Environment

    • Authored Public Law 35-46 to increase Guam's renewable energy portfolio to 100% by the year 2045. 
    • Authored Bill 197-35 to strengthen the University of Guam's mission toward island sustainability. 
    • Co-sponsored Bill 90-35 to allow emergency procurement for threats to the environment. 
    • Led the Guam Legislature in singing the Guam Clean Water Initiative Pledge. 
    • Started the #trashtagchallenge among the Guam Legislature and Island community to tackle littering.