• Embracing Our Island Values to Build a Better Future for Guam

    Protecting Our Manamko'

    • Authored Public Law 35-50 protecting Manamko' and individuals with disabilities from financial exploitation. 
    • Passed Resolution 36-35 supporting efforts for Guam's War Claims payments and to send a unified voice to the federal government to compensate our Greatest Generation. 
    • Co-sponsored Public Law 35-61 giving just compensation and overdue closure to Guam's War Survivors. 
    • Authored Bill 146-35 to establish an elder law center through the Public Defender Service Corporation.

    Promoting Health and Safety

    • Authored Public Law 35-47 expanding the Natasha Protection Act by banning the use of electronic smoking devices in smoke-free areas. 
    • Authored Public Law 35-51 requiring convicted sex offenders to register for the Sex Offender Registry whether or not their case is on appeal. 
    • Authored Bill 325-35 (COR) to expand access to telehealth and telemedicine services for our island. 
    • Authored Bill 301-35 (COR) to provide critical medical equipment to the Guam Memorial Hospital. 

    Preparing Our Youth

    • Provided $1 million to the Guam Community College Apprenticeship Program to train 250 people to meet changing workforce demands through Public Law 35-99.
    • Reinstated and funded the Summer Youth Employment Program to employ hundreds of youth to explore their passion for public service through Public Laws 35-36 and 35-99.
    • Authored Public Laws 35-88 and 35-89 investing in distance learning, improved technology, and facilities for the Guam Community College and the University of Guam.
    • Preserved budget allotments to fully fund the University of Guam and Guam Community College through Public Laws 35-36 and 35-99.
    • Authored Bill 253-35 (COR) to preserve merit scholarship benefits for the University of Guam and Guam Community College students. 
    • Fought against tuition increases for greater access to affordable education. 
    • Authored Bill 222-35 (COR) to provide more students with financial aid and provide more financial resources to the University of Guam and Guam Community College. 

    Providing for Families

    • Authored Public Law 35-94 Ayuda i Mangafa Help for Families Program to provide financial assistance to families in response to COVID-19. 
    • Authored Bill 139-35 to provide health care insurance coverage to foster children. 
    • Provided funding for job coaches for individuals with disabilities through Public Laws 35-36 and 35-99.

    Preserving Our Environment

    • Authored Public Law 35-46 to increase Guam's renewable energy portfolio to 100% by the year 2045. 
    • Co-sponsored Bill 90-35 to allow emergency procurement for threats to the environment. 
    • Authored Bill 197-35 to strengthen the University of Guam's mission toward island sustainability. 
    • Led the Guam Legislature in singing the Guam Clean Water Initiative Pledge. 
    • Started the #trashtagchallenge among the Guam Legislature and Island community to tackle littering. 
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