• Embracing Our Island Values to Serve the People of Guam

    Successful Public Laws authored by Senator Amanda Shelton

  • Public Law 35-46

    Increased Guam's renewable energy portfolio to 100% by the year 2045

    Public Law 35-47

    Expanded Natasha Protection Act by banning the use of electronic smoking devices in smoke-free causes.

    Public Law 35-50

    To protect Manamko' and individuals with disabilities from financial exploitation.

    Public Law 35-51

    Requiring sex offenders to register for the sex offenders registry whether or not their case is on appeal.

    Public Law 35-61

    Giving just compensation and overdue closure to Guam's War Survivors

    Public Law 35-88

    Provide more than $250,000 to Guam Community College and the University of Guam to invest in improved technology, facilities, and training.

    Public Law 35-89

    Provide more than $460, 000 to the University of Guam to invest in improved technology, facilities, and training.

    Public Law 35-94

    Ayuda I Mangafa Help For Families Act to provide financial assistance for families left out of the federal economic impact payments.

    Public Law 36-19

    Established the Elder Law Center within the corporation to provide legal services to Guam's elderly population.

    Public Law 36-26

    The Support for Women-Owned Business Act; to adopt a procurement policy in favor of women-owned businesses.

    Public Law 36-32

    To remove the expiration date on permanent removable windshield placards and extending the period time for physical certification on temporary removable windshield placards.

    Public Law 36-52

    Included all peace officers in the enforcement of alcohol-free zones within the Guam territorial park system.

    Public Law 36-58

    Requires testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) of those charged with criminal sexual abuse or conduct at the request of the victim.

    Public Law 36-64

    Established an "Opioid Recovery Trust Fund" to direct all opioid litigation monies entitled to Guam into the "Opioid Recovery Advisory Council" to be known as the "Opioid Prevention and Treatment Act."

    Public Law 36-65

    Appropriated $25,000,000 to the Department of Administration for the Local Employers' Assistance Program (LEAP) Act of 2021.

    Public Law 36-66

    The Period Poverty Act of 2021; requires GDOE, Guam Charter Schools, UOG and GCC to provide and regularly stock menstrual hygiene products for students.

    Public Law 36-84

    The Securing and Ensuring the Rights Veterans Earned (SERVE) Act; establishes a Veterans Bill of Rights to help veterans with access to housing, employment, higher education, and healthcare. Through local and federal programs and by appropriating $500,000 to the Guam Office of Veterans Office Affairs.